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4 Ways a Common Language Helps Ramp-Up New Sales Reps

Ramp Up New Sales Reps

Getting new salespeople up to speed quickly is a pivotal factor separating Best-in-Class organizations from their less productive peers. Research from The Sales Management Association indicates that these firms have 10% greater sales growth rates, and 14% better sales and profit objective achievement.  

4 Steps to Improving Forecast Accuracy with a Common Sales Process 

sales forecast accuracy

Sales forecasts are by nature imperfect, but according to SiriusDecisions research, 79% of sales organizations miss their forecast by more than 10%. That inaccuracy has a tremendous effect on an organization’s ability to deliver high-quality products and services to customers.

Coaching for Sales Leaders

coaching for sales leaders

Everyone knows that front-line salespeople need to be coached. It’s an important part of nearly every sales manager’s responsibilities.

However, who’s coaching the coaches in your organization?

If your organization is like a lot of others, the answer is either “nobody” or “we’re not quite sure.”

Well, even coaches need coaching.


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