The 12 Universal Sales Truths

Is there any one single best way to sell a product or service? There are definitely best practices, and there are also a number of effective approaches. Whatever sales methodology you use, the following universal sales truths are sure to cement the sales process together.

Here are the 12 Most Universal Sales Truths that we have seen work in any sales environment, selling any product or service, anywhere to anybody…

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7 Characteristics of the Most Successful Salespeople

There are many interpretations of what sales success “looks” like.  But what are the specific characteristics of the most successful salespeople?

There are many.  Do the characteristics of the most successful salespeople include…

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Prospects Comparing Your Proposal to the Competition to Get a Better Price? Do This.

In the world of professional selling, particularly when selling to the purchasing department, it’s commonplace for buyers to do their best to commoditize your product or service.

When prospects are comparing your proposal to the competition in an attempt to create a bidding war, the buyer is working to further put themselves in the driver’s seat and get the lowest price they can…

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Applying the Principles Behind Application Based Selling

There’s a big difference between simply presenting your product or service to a prospect and carefully recommending your product or service as something that solves a specific problem, fills an exact want, satisfies a stated need or provides a unique answer that they’re really seeking.

In the final analysis, prospects are rarely seeking an off-the-shelf solution. They want a customized recommendation that goes way beyond what the typical demonstration based sales model can support. The only reason your prospects will buy anything from your reps is if they can see that the alternative they offer is more valuable than simply doing nothing or purchasing from your competitor.

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The 7 Universal Rules for Sales Success

While the world of professional selling can be full of uncertainty and adversity, having some baseline rules for sales success can be a huge time saver.

The following 7 rules for sales success are based on principles that have proven themselves successful with hundreds of thousands of salespeople worldwide.

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How to Get Technical Salespeople to Sell

Selling a highly technical product or service requires a certain skill set: one that ties a deep understanding of the features of the offering with the ability to persuade prospects and customers to buy by presenting the benefits of the offering.

The challenge? Many technical salespeople tend toward “feature dumping” instead of building value in the mind of the buyer.

Let’s take a look at why that happens…

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What’s the Difference Between Price, Budget and Perceived Value?

In many of our sales training programs, attendees will ask us: “What’s The Difference Between Price, Budget and Perceived Value?”

When it comes to the concept of price in sales, there are actually three principles that guide customer behavior…

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The Death of “Good Ole Boy” Selling

Sales professionals in the old days had a much different relationship with their customers. In previous generations, selling was more about whom you knew than what you knew. A strong relationship with customers and a few gifts such as golf tournament tickets, fishing trips and the lowest price simply won’t cut it anymore.

Today’s salespeople face a much different selling environment and the days of “whiskey and ticket selling” are fast coming to an end.

The rise of the Internet combined with an economic recession has led to the death of “good ole boy” selling, which is a good thing for the new generation of sales reps who want to prove their skills based on merit and not previous relationships.

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How to Get Salespeople to Sell into a New Market

In the face of a rapidly shifting marketplace, companies – and sales teams – are having to change focus…fast. Oftentimes, the reason for such a shift involves a “go to” market going away. This often means moving your focus into a new, untapped market. When considering how to get salespeople to sell into a new market, managers need to stress the potential value of the markets they want to expand into and provide incentives for territory development. Planning is key. When reps feel unsupported or ill prepared to attack new segments, launch new products, etc., the chances of a successful shift diminish.

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The Key to Giving Your Company Culture a Sales Mindset

All parts of a business are important. From customer service to marketing to accounting, a company needs to be able to handle responsibilities across several fields in order to succeed.

However, for businesses that want to maintain long-term success, the most important area to be strong in is sales. Mark Cuban, billionaire entrepreneur and owner of the NBA’s Dallas Mavericks, told Reddit recently that sales are the most important element of small businesses. As Cuban put it, “No sales, no company.”

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7 Ways to Evaluate the Sales Hiring Process

Our research tells us that only 41% of senior sales leaders have confidence in their organization’s ability to attract, hire and retain top sales performers, yet many front-line hiring managers rush to fill open sales positions.

To make sure the sales hiring process inside of your organization ensures you only hire top-performers, senior execs must provide a multistep roadmap for hiring…and hold managers accountable to it.

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How Buyers Stiff Arm Salespeople Into Cutting Their Price

Buyers can pull some pretty dirty tricks when they’re trying to push salespeople into cutting their price. They don’t want to overpay, want to look good to their boss and many actually get paid based on how much they save.

While there are literally dozens of tactics these folks use to manipulate sales reps into cutting their price, one of the most easily recognizable is the “Stiff Arm” tactic.

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True or False: Anyone Can Sell In The Right Environment

One of the most common misconceptions about the world of sales is that salespeople are born, not made. It is true that some people are more naturally inclined to be successful salespeople than others. However, the important thing to remember as a sales manager is that almost anyone can sell in the right environment.

These tips will help you learn how to train anyone on your sales team to be successful at selling.

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Guaranteeing You Have Top Performers On Board: The 3 Best Interview Questions To Ask Sales Candidates

Identifying, interviewing and hiring the right salespeople is one of the most difficult elements of a sales manager’s job.

One of the easiest ways to separate the poor sales performers from the good ones is to ask the right questions during their initial interview. Solid, proven interview questions to ask sales candidates will help you understand what kind of person they are and how well they will fit into your company’s culture.

Asking these three questions will help you be certain that you only hire top performers.

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Tired Of The Typical, Boring Sales Meeting? 9 Tips For Holding Productive And Successful Sales Meetings

For many salespeople, the phrase “sales meeting” conjures up dreadful images of long, boring sessions of listening to managers talk endlessly.  Fortunately, with some effort there are ways to hold productive and successful sales meetings…

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Sales Managers Aren’t Coaching? Here’s Why.

Today’s sales managers need to lead and coach their sales force instead of managing and directing the team. Unfortunately, when sales managers aren’t coaching – because they don’t know how – they tend to get caught up with blaming their reps for failures on the part of the sales team instead of looking at themselves.

There are three elements of success that sales managers must incorporate into their work if they want a high level of performance from their sales team.

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Motivating Your Salespeople. It’s Not All About The Money.

While money is often the main motivator for sales professionals, there are other elements involved in motivating your salespeople as well. Not every sales manager understands these motivations, but if used properly they can take a salesperson’s performance to the next level.

Check out these 5 strategies for motivating your salespeople in ways OTHER than money…

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Are Members of Your Sales Team Communicating 15 Different Messages?

Are members of your sales team communicating 15 different messages? Here’s how you can go about improving consistency in sales organization messaging.

Having a consistent sales message is one of the most important elements of success for your sales team as a whole. You need consistency in sales organization messaging so that your customers get the same message from everyone at your company with whom they interact, thereby creating a strong impression of your brand.

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What Happens When Your Salespeople Are Price-Buyers?

It’s not unusual to find salespeople who think price is more important than other factors when it comes to a customer making a purchase decision, especially when that salesperson is a price-buyer in his or her personal life.

Here are 2 reasons why price-buying salespeople will kill your margins…

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How to Build a Sales Coaching Culture

A Strong Sales Coaching Culture Starts at the Top

The first step to building a sales coaching culture is to get the senior management of the organization to understand and be 100% committed to three things:

1. Ongoing training
2. Allowing the sales managers the time and latitude to get into the field and
3. Communicating that sales coaching is all about growth and improvement performance, not eliminating people.

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