Customized Sales Training – Determining the Wisest and Best Use of Your Training Investment


As sales professionals, we believe in continuity of coaching, customized sales training, and a consistent focus on client ROI. This is what drives success when it comes to implementing a sales system. The first step during our first call together is making sure we’d be a good fit for you… whether or not we can solve your sales problems. This makes our response to inquiries more diagnostic and informational than anything else.

If we think we can help you, our goal becomes figuring out the sales training course and delivery methods that will give you the greatest revenue-generating improvement in your budget and time frame. This will depend on the size of your sales force and company, the nature of your selling environment, and the challenges you’re currently facing.

Once you and your consultant have determined that corporate sales training by The Brooks Group is a good fit for you, we will:

  • Help you understand the content we’ll use to help your sales team overcome their challenges
  • Plan out a proposed deployment, and
  • Begin moving toward success

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Taste Testing The Brooks Group’s Sales Training Course

Corporate sales training is an investment. If your growth is constrained by a limited ability to grow top line revenue, widening that constraint/bottleneck with a more effective sales effort is the wisest investment you could make.

But for the same reason, choosing the right sales training course can be nerve-racking, since bad training is often worse than no training at all. It may sound funny, but it’s true. You want to taste test the sales training course before you commit to purchasing the whole jug and passing it out to your troops at a corporate sales training seminar. And we want you to do the same thing before committing to an implementation of our customized sales training and content.

You’ll be able to connect the dots yourself between your sales challenges and what and how we teach.

Furthermore, we use the IMPACT Selling® System when we deal with our prospective customers. The professional, non-manipulative way we’ll work with you will give you a preview of the way your salespeople will operate following your corporate sales training program.

Planning the Deployment and Cementing Our Relationship

If you like what you tasted, your Director of Sales will move forward with you in planning the deployment, and finalizing our client relationship. You’ll probably be surprised at just how focused we are in planning and tracking your success; how long-term implementation is detailed just as intensely as the initial training.

And that will be the start of many signs that you picked the right sales training for your team.

Start eliminating your revenue bottleneck by contacting your Director of Sales today.