We are a corporate sales training company that builds and implements customized corporate sales training and sales effectiveness initiatives that work in the real world.

“The product that The Brooks Group delivers has changed the way we approach sales methodology.  It’s clear, impactful and proven to deliver exceptional results time and time again.  The Brooks Group is the benchmark by which all other sales training companies should be measured.


VP of Sales, Medical Device Company


As a sales training company with 35+ years of sales research, our knowledge and in-the-field practice means we know what works in sales and sales management. At the core of every program delivered by The Brooks Group are the solid, tested principles and tools of IMPACT Selling®, the system we honed over 15 years of research and invested three years in validating. From our in-house curriculum design team and on-site audio/video studio to our expert live facilitators and virtual corporate sales training center, we’ve got everything it takes to make your sales effectiveness initiative work… and work fast.

Our corporate sales training and reinforcement systems are designed to get results, and they do: 87% of our clients report “significant” sales increases.


We’ve customized sales effectiveness initiatives – including hiring, sales training, sales management coaching and reinforcement – based on IMPACT Selling principles for clients in more than 350 industries. Whether your industry is financial services or healthcare, industrial distribution or medical devices, chances are that we’ve worked with someone you know and respect.

85% of our client relationships last more than 8 years. Our clients know we will partner with them to make smart, measurable improvements.


Decision makers can be suspicious, resistant or apathetic. We’ve proven that a simple, front-end-loaded selling process – one that focuses more on opening sales than closing them—breaks through these barriers by allowing customers to buy the way they want to buy. Because sales effectiveness programs must help your salespeople and their managers succeed in your unique environment, nearly 25% of our sales training company is dedicated to tailoring our powerful IMPACT Selling-based programs to your industry, business and personnel.

Customization makes improvement “stick.” Three months after on-site training events with The Brooks Group sales training company, 98% of sales professionals are using IMPACT Selling in their day-to-day sales activities.