Featured Case Study: Motor Coach Industries – Implementation of IMPACT Selling® System

This case study captures key issues and results for Motor Coach Industries (MCI) and its implementation of the IMPACT Selling® methodology. MCI engaged The Brooks Group to deploy sales training, sales management training, and negotiation skills training. The results? MCI has enjoyed a gross profit increase of 6% vs the previous year, a 20% YOY increase in EBITDA, a 30% increase in orders booked and delivered, and a 50% increase in forecast accuracy.

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R.F. MacDonald Co. – Implementation of the IMPACT Selling® System

This case study captures key issues and results for R.F. MacDonald Co. and its implementation of the IMPACT Selling® System. The use of talent assessments, sales training, and coaching reinforcement provided by The Brooks Group has led to improved hiring and retention and consistency of the sales process.

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DXP Enterprises, Inc – Industrial Distribution

The implementation of The Brooks Group’s sales training and talent management assessment tools has created a culture of hiring excellence along with alignment around a single sales process inside of an organization grown through acquisition.

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HCR ManorCare – Implementation of IMPACT Selling® Methodology & TriMetrix Hiring Assessments

HCR ManorCare, leading long-term care provider implements The Brooks Group’s IMPACT Selling® Methodology and TriMetrix hiring assessments to generate an additional $1,240,650 in revenue.

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Parallel Quantum Systems – Implementation of IMPACT Selling® System

The use of talent assessments, customized sales training, and coaching reinforcement provided by The Brooks Group has led to zero turnover in the past year-and-a-half, a common language and sales process, and a concrete coaching structure used by Sales Managers on a daily basis.

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Parata Systems

“One of the reasons we chose The Brooks Group was their attitude towards customization. We didn’t want to modify everything. The collaboration involved in the process, as well as the simplicity and ease of roll-out of the initiative, made IMPACT an immediate culture match for our organization.”

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US Air Force Reserve

Starting in fiscal year 2001 through the present, the Air Force Reserve has exceeded its recruiting goals every year, despite recruiting in a wartime environment.

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Red Spot Paint and Varnish

“Utilizing the skills we learned at IMPACT training, we continued to value sell at all levels of our organization… we are now supplying this business [at the 20% higher price] valued in excess of $1,000,000 annually.”

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Major Original Equipment Manufacturer

Four months after the training program, a detailed analysis showed these increases: 60% of the dealer salespeople indicated that they have sold 1-3 additional units per month as a result of their training. 24% of the salespeople have increased gross margin per unit sold.

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Leading Regional Food Service Company

“The Brooks Group creates a turnkey training and coaching system. It allows us to have the sophistication of the human resource department of a Fortune 500 company…In the first 90 days after our IMPACT training, our company closing rate rose by 28%.”

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Health Diagnostics

Health Diagnostics discovered the sales training benefits were greatly enhanced by the delivery of the course through the virtual training platform.

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This Long-Term Care Facility Network is thrilled with the success of IMPACT Selling®. People at every level of the organization believe that IMPACT has become a positive part of the organization’s culture. Sales personnel throughout the organization are committed to using this selling system to get better, more consistent results.

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