39 thoughts on “The World’s Most Complete List Of Job Titles For Salespeople

  1. Shon: A lot of people who sell insurance are “Insurance Agents” and some are “Producers.”

    Scott: I really like Chief Salesperson. That’s great!

  2. What title do you recommend using if your main function was to sell training for a software organization?

  3. Sandra, thanks for your comment! I must confess that my favorite title, regardless of product offering, is simply “salesperson.” The key to success is how you do your job…not what it’s called.

  4. What is the title of a person who displays or sales things at an exhibition? Typically this person is an attractive female selling new products or display models or floor models.

  5. Tinsol,

    That’s an unfortunate name that some salespeople have rightfully earned. However, I’ve found that MOST people who occupy our profession don’t fall into the category.

    – Jeb Brooks

  6. The worst I’ve heard to date is “Founder”? Pretty bad – sounds like something that happens to horses when they get too fat.

    Unfortunately it does matter what a sales person call themselves for the first contact otherwise they may not get the meeting or the client may not think that you are empowered to make decisions After that they are absolutely irrelevant except to fuel ego.

  7. Tinsol
    A salesperson provides goods or serices for which he is compensated in agreement with the terms of the sale. A liar doen’t. He’s a con artist. If anyone tells you to lie in order to sell you are not selling. They are asking you to be a liar and a con.

  8. I agree with you, Jay. I think something like “Founder & CEO” can get you in doors. Further, the founder usually has more passion for his or her company’s offering than anyone else.

    – Jeb

  9. Relationship Manager
    Business Development Manager
    Purchase Adviser
    VP of Sales
    There are probably another 20 titles that I just cant think of right now.

  10. What would you call an person who organises, chases, co-ordinates, assists two Sales Depts and reports back to MD. is the buffer between MD and Sales dept.

  11. Here is a somewhat tricky one…
    I manage three, soon to be four, places.
    One is an ice cream parlor.
    One is a convenience store.
    One is a coffee shop.
    One is yet to be determined (but it may be another small coffee shop).
    I also am the marketing person for all of those, plus an on-campus bookstore.

    My boss wants a “jazzy” sounding job title that is still somewhat professional. I want to make sure the word “marketing” is in there somewhere.

  12. Interesting but in many cases ‘Sales Professional’ does not convey the value you are offering a prospective buyer of a companies goods or services.
    As an Account Manager your ultimate goal is to bring in revenue, but so is the customer service team, the presales or technical, consulting team, and many other roles in a business. It is, in fact, the primary aim of the business.
    An Account Manager manages the relationship. This involves building a relationship which could be an 8 hour discussion on stationary or solving a critical outstanding issue between the 2 companies.
    ‘Sales professional’ sounds like someone who is trying to give you something you don’t need in a transactional fashion (to me).

  13. Is sales Manager an appropriate title for a person selling Accounting Solutions?

    Individual Tax Preparation Business Tax Preparation Payroll and Tax Filings New Corporation Filings Workers Compensation
    Business Consulting
    Sales Tax & Meals Tax Calculations and Filings
    Budgeting and Profit Projections Financial Services

    Thank you,

    Miguel Bobadilla

  14. I am expanding my job duties as Operations Coordinator that will include overseeing all sales representatives with our surgical supply company. Do you have any ideas for a new title?

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