TriMetrix® – Sales Success Stories

assessment-successAs a sales manager, it’s not your personal performance or sales effectiveness that matters… your success depends on how well your team executes out in the field.  In sales – as in team sports – you live and die by how well you coach and recruit.  Yet, when’s the last time you encountered a tool that could help you with either?

TriMetrix can help with both.  With this powerful assessment and The Brooks Group’s expertise you can select the right people, reduce your coaching load and improve sales effectiveness and performance.  Read the following sales success stories.

By using The Brooks Group’s personality profiling system, we have not only reduced our turnover and hiring problems, but have a fantastic tool to manage our staff to their best potential.


– Kathy S. Roberts, Vice President of Operations, People Unlimited, Inc.

TriMetrix Sales Effectiveness Case Studies and Sales Success Stories

Leading professional employment organization cut turnover and hiring costs by licensing TriMetrix for unlimited internal use.

CEO says he would not be in business today if he hadn’t discovered the TriMetrix System and used it to systematically restructure his sales team producing a dramatic improvement in sales effectiveness.

Regional Food Service Sales Company – reduced turnover by 30% and increased closed sales by 28% in only 90 days.

Client Results Indicate Several Benefits:

  • Sharply defined criteria ease and expedite the recruiting process.
  • The ability to select candidates who “fit” dramatically reduces turnover.
  • Sales managers and executives say TriMetrix makes it easier to coach and train their new hires.
  • Salespeople report greater job satisfaction, increased confidence and improved sales effectiveness through interactions with clients.

More Sales Success Stories and Feedback from Clients:

I just wanted to give you some feedback about the TriMetrix consultant benchmark survey that we began using earlier this year.  What a difference this has made in our recruiting efforts!  We used to expend a huge amount of time and effort into pre-screening candidates for our organization, with little success.  We had about a 50% success rate for hiring and retaining staff in our organization.  We knew we needed to overhaul our recruiting process if we were going to be able to continue our company’s growth.


The benchmark that we created for our ideal candidate has been a lifesaver in terms of weeding out inappropriate candidates prior to the interview.  We even tested the benchmark by having two of our most successful employees take the survey.  They tested as ideal EMA candidates, and the descriptions that were provided were as though you were describing them to me.  That validated the survey and we have used it religiously ever since.


– Nancy J. Solmowitz, President, Executive Management Associates, Inc

We all know that the negative ramifications of making a poor hiring decision far surpass the expenses associated with just that salesperson.  They are far reaching into the entire sales team, lost potential sales, lost goodwill from customers, etc.  That’s why we have made taking the The Brooks Group’s TriMetrix sales assessment and subsequent review of those results with you an integral part of our hiring process for all of our potential salespeople.  I would highly recommend the same process to anyone hiring a salesperson.


– Thomas B. Madden, General Manager, Ryerson Tull – Milwaukee

We are several months into our utilization of The Brooks Group’s benchmark system for our Outside Sales, Inside Sales, and Management positions.  We are extremely pleased with the results we see and feel confident that we are making better hiring decisions as well as improving our coaching of current associates.  I would like to expand our program now to a couple of other positions.  I have tried using a different provider for the Service Techs but have not been happy with the results.


– Vicki L. Kilbourne, SPHR, Human Resources Manager, Ohio Transmission Corporation

The Brooks Group has done an excellent job of learning the culture of our business and helping us hire only people who fit our business culture.  So far, we’ve benchmarked 3 positions and assessed over 200 people.  Using TriMetrix has helped VACO make excellent hiring decisions and avoid costly hiring mistakes.  The turnover rate on our sales force is less than 5%.  I highly recommend The Brooks Group and TriMetrix for successful hiring.


– David R. Rhode, CPA, VACO, LLC / Partner

What Do Salespeople Say About TriMetrix?

I not only learned about different techniques, I learned about myself.  Some might say that is scary, I found it fascinating and very intriguing.  I cannot tell you how comfortable and confident I feel upon entering a marketing meeting with my customers.  I am better prepared and not fearful of selling.  I believe understanding who I am has better prepared me for how I am viewed by my customers.  I cannot thank you enough.


– Laurie St. Pierre, Senior Case Manager, HCR ManorCare

Our client feedback and sales success stories offer plenty of historical proof of TriMetrix’s successes. If you’re looking for scientific proof, [wpdm_hotlink id=”5″ link_label=”numerous independent validation studies (PDF)”] corroborate the accuracy of TriMetrix System.  If you’re considering using TriMetrix for hiring or coaching to increase your company’s sales effectiveness, reduce employee turnover and to enjoy the numerous other benefits provided, we recommend you take the profile yourself and/or assess a couple of people on your team to get a better sense of its depth and accuracy. You can write your own sales success stories using the TriMetrix System.

Contact us if you’d like to speak with one of our Directors of Sales about how your organization can benefit from using TriMetrix.