It’s Not a Personality Assessment – It’s a Sales Assessment

indepth2Businesses don’t need “personality profiles.” They need on-the-job performance information and the ability to look at people in terms of how well they’ll “fit” into a particular job.  TriMetrix® is a revolutionary development for hiring salespeople and coaching them because it predicts how each candidate’s strengths and weaknesses will manifest themselves in sales.

Unlike Other Sales Assessments:

  • TriMetrix was developed specifically for use in the workplace.
  • Not only is it an effective hiring tool, it’s both ethical and legal to use TriMetrix as part of your hiring process.
  • TriMetrix has proven accurate in predicting workplace performance, and it is compliant with EEO rules for employment testing.

TriMetrix Takes the Guesswork Out of Hiring Salespeople

With the TriMetrix benchmarking process, you have the ability to perform a sales assessment that shows you the exact requirements of your sales position and your unique company culture first.  Then you can measure your candidates against the same criteria.

For many organizations, the benchmarking process is the key that finally allows them to take control during the process of hiring salespeople. Take a look at our case studies to see how TriMetrix has helped other sales organizations define what they want in a candidate and stop hiring candidates who aren’t a good fit.

TriMetrix is More Effective for Hiring Salespeople Because It’s:

  • Based on decades of rigorously validated research
  • Easy to understand
  • Designed for workplace use with a specific application to sales
  • Proven to reduce turnover
  • A hiring assessment that offers targeted training and coaching points for salespeople based on individual results

The Brooks Group is the leading provider of TriMetrix worldwide.  We’ve assessed more than 100,000 people and helped over 350 clients improve their businesses while hiring salespeople with this incredibly accurate tool.  Some companies use TriMetrix to assess as many as 1,000 people each year.  High-volume clients have reaped savings of up to 38% by licensing our Internet Delivery Software for unlimited use.

Ready to talk to an assessment expert?  Contact us to discuss ways TriMetrix can help your organization cut turnover and boost performance.

Successful Selling Requires Three Sets of Skills:

Sales Skills like:

  • Prospecting
  • Questioning
  • Managing Objections
  • Closing Sales

Job Skills like:

  • Product Knowledge
  • Market Knowledge
  • Policy/Procedures Knowledge
  • Cultural Understanding

Personal Skills like:

  • Personal Accountability
  • Sustaining Drive
  • Self-Starting Ability
  • Being Coachable

Traditional hiring methods put most of the emphasis on job skills and selling skills – things like industry experience, product knowledge and sales experience… But, a new hire’s success or failure frequently boils down to their personal skills.

Look Beyond Job Skills and Identify Those with Raw Talent

That’s because job skills and selling skills can be learned, but personal skills are much harder to build. TriMetrix gives you the power to look beyond job skills and see who has the “raw materials” for success.  You may have to invest a little more effort in training, but its well worth it. Candidates with strong personal skills are equipped with a winning attitude.  They have the ambition and determination to catch on quickly and outperform even those with more experience.


Additional Sales Skills Test Measures Practical Selling Knowledge

In addition to the three core assessments that make up TriMetrix, the Sales Skills Index™ (SSI) can be included in the same platform at no additional charge. The SSI was developed by The Brooks Group’s founder, Bill Brooks, to measure knowledge of successful selling tactics and skills.

Each question on the test presents a real-life dilemma in selling with four possible answer choices.  The results work hand-in-hand with the IMPACT Selling® System so you can see how candidates will perform in each step of the IMPACT process:


Not only can you see a candidate’s proficiency in selling, you’ll know exactly where to target training and coaching after you finish hiring salespeople.

But it’s Not Just About Getting Them in the Door…

TriMetrix arms you with all the information you need to make a sound hiring decision, but that’s only the beginning… Once you’ve hired a new salesperson, the real work starts.  Every person you hire has their own unique communication style, goals, values, attitudes, skills, strengths and weaknesses. And to make your job even more difficult, each one needs something different from you in order to achieve their absolute best level of performance.

The same tools that help you select the right people also help you manage them. This sales assessment system empowers you to hold onto the RIGHT people.  We’ll send you a coaching report on each of your newly hired salespeople that contains over 60 pages of targeted instructions for managing the new hire and helping them achieve their maximum potential.

Here’s What Clients Say About This Remarkable Assessment:

What a difference this has made in our recruiting efforts!  We used to expend a huge amount of time and effort into pre-screening candidates for our organization, with little success.  We had about a 50% success rate for hiring and retaining staff in our organization.


The benchmark that we created has been a lifesaver in terms of weeding out inappropriate candidates prior to the interview.  We even tested the benchmark by having two of our most successful employees take the survey. They tested as ideal EMA candidates.  That validated the survey and we have used it religiously ever since.  Thanks so much for your valuable contribution to the success of our organization.”

Nancy J. Slomowitz
Executive Management Associates, Inc.


The assessment results, as well as your personal comments, have a significant weight in our hiring decisions.  I will even admit I’ve lived to regret a hiring decision I made that was contrary to your recommendation.  I’ve also found your recommendations on how to coach a given candidate to maximize their progress once we’ve hired them to be very accurate.


We all know that the negative ramifications of making a poor hiring decision far surpass the expenses associated with just that salesperson.  That’s why we have made taking the The Brooks Group’s TriMetrix sales assessment and subsequent review of those results with you an integral part of our hiring process for all of our potential salespeople.  I would highly recommend the same process to anyone hiring a salesperson.”

Thomas B. Madden
General Manager
Ryderson Tull – Milwaukee