Sales Assessments For Hiring Salespeople

There are two questions you need to ask yourself concerning any psychological assessment, regardless of whether it’s sales assessments that aid in hiring salespeople or hiring for other positions:

  1. Does it really measure what it’s claiming to measure?
    Do the test scores match up with observed behavior (or aptitudes, personality, etc)? If I use it in the real world can I expect real-world results?
  1. Are the scores reliable?
    Can the test be “thrown off” by culture, race, sex or age of the test taker. Will subjects receive the same scores upon re-taking the same test? Is it ethical to use this assessment for hiring salespeople or other important decisions?

All three components of the TriMetrix® Assessment (the Hartman Value Profile, the DISC Personality Assessment and the Personal Interests Attitudes and Values Instrument) have been the subject of numerous third party, objective, scientific studies and have been shown to be highly accurate and reliable. You can [wpdm_hotlink id=”5″ link_label=”download a PDF of our validation studies”] to learn more.

These sales assessments also exceed all federal and ethical guidelines for employment testing, and achieved a documented history of effective application to hiring salespeople and coaching.

Better yet, we’re able to license TriMetrix testing for larger sales forces – making the sales assessment tool not only accurate and reliable, but incredibly cost effective.

We’ve gone to impressive lengths to ensure our sales assessments are accurate, reliable and effective because the importance of hiring salespeople and coaching effectiveness has been hard-wired into our cultural DNA; we know our clients can’t succeed without these skills – or the tools to apply them effectively!

If that level of concern for client results is something you value in a sales training firm, contact us and let one of our Directors of Sales walk you through our typical deployment cycle. We can help you figure out if we’re the right fit for your sales team.