Supercharge Your (Change) Management:
License our TriMetrix® Assessments for Your Organization

The Brooks Group’s assessments are complete “user’s manuals” for people. Traditional, behavior-based assessments barely scratch the surface. Our powerful tools delve deeper into an individual’s behavior style, innermost attitudes and internal motivations to offer you unparalleled insight into how, why and what makes them perform.

“Our turnover rate was 70% in the sales department until we started using The Brooks Group’s TriMetrix assessment. Now our rate is below 20% in the first year and both of those were when I went against the recommendation. The issues the testing predicted were exactly why they were terminated.


The biggest advantage (the TriMetrix profile) gave me is that after selecting the appropriate candidates it gives me a game plan on how to manage and coach them.”


– Garry Kishbaugh, President | Classic Sales & Marketing, Inc.

Whether assessing potential hires or current employees, this information is crucial to making informed decisions and maximizing the human potential in your organization.

The cost of hiring is comparable to that of large capital purchases like operating systems, office space, or heavy machinery. You wouldn’t make these big decisions based on a “gut feeling.” You would probably want to see lots of data and information about different systems, office spaces or machine options.

It’s no different with people. You need in-depth information about the candidate AND you need to gain insight into how the individual will perform in your environment. That’s exactly what our assessments give you.

As the developers and owners of the TriMetrix sales assessments, we can license the tool to your organization – making wide-scale assessment an economic no-brainer.