Customized Sales Training That Drives Sales Results & Long-Term Culture Change


Customized sales training is NOT a matter of changing the language or giving you a unique acronym for the sales process.

That won’t drive results.

Real customization ensures that the training your salespeople receive accurately matches their daily selling experience. It matches because it is sales training that’s tailored to fit your unique sales environment and organizational culture.

That means your sales reps will learn it more easily, understand it better, and end up with sales tools, tactics, and techniques that are “swipe and deploy” ready…no translation or guesswork required.

This is important because most sales challenges are really the result of your salespeople being unable to make the intuitive leaps and translations
from principle to the tactics demanded of them.

For example:

  • If your salespeople aren’t having strategic business conversations, it’s because they don’t know how to translate product features to business benefits in the language that has traction with the specific kinds of decision makers they need to persuade. If your sales training isn’t customized to give them that language, it probably won’t help.
  • If your salespeople are reluctant to sell new solutions instead of older products, it’s typically because they don’t have the messaging skills and sales tactics to truly sell on value. Again, if your sales training isn’t customized to be able to give them those skillsets and tools on a swipe-and-deploy basis, it probably won’t drive the results you’re looking for.

The Brooks Group’s Customized IMPACT Selling® Training gives your salespeople the ready-to-use-right-now tools, tactics, and training they need. IMPACT Selling conforms the training to fit your organization, rather than expecting your sales team to conform to a foreign or outside way of doing things.

Best of all, our customization process is FAST – 3 to 12 weeks, from signed contract to the delivery of your training program.

And because our customization often involves field research with your reps, we can start building buy-in from your team even before their first training session.

“Adaptable process, customizable content and the integration of assessments into the training curriculum are the three keys to success for The Brooks Group’s value based selling program. The IMPACT Selling® process is easy to understand and use, the coaching methodology is customizable for any sales manager, and the application of the in-depth assessments tells managers exactly how to coach each rep to sell better. Is there another sales development company with the depth of tools and the experience to deliver?  I doubt it.”

Curt Tueffert, VP of Sales Development, DXP Enterprises, Inc.

The Brooks Group’s customized IMPACT Sales Training provides:

  • The most positive impact for your training dollars – Concentrate on the concepts, learning activities, role plays, case studies, and exercises that will drive success in your unique selling environment over the long term.
  • Faster, more relevant learning – Build a training system that’s geared directly to your organizational challenges so that your reps will immediately begin using the new sales process.
  • Better on-the-job results – Help your team apply what they learn by incorporating your real-world examples and industry specific language.
  • Consistency across your sales force – Provide a uniform learning experience for your entire sales force, even in multiple and separate training groups.
  • Commitment from your team – The customization process gives your key people firsthand familiarity with the curriculum, which drives internal support for the program from the top down to create a training program that is deeply rooted in your organizational culture.

Speed to Implementation Is Our Specialty

Using our unique customization process, our highly skilled Curriculum Designers can have your customized sales training program built within 3 to 12 weeks, depending on your timeline and availability.

Immediately following a signed contract, your program is assigned to a project team that immediately begins scheduling your kick-off call to start the customization process. We introduce you to the people on our end who are responsible for ensuring you get a sales training program that changes your team for the long term.

Our Customization Process: It Isn’t About Changing the Acronym, It’s About Changing the Culture

Most sales training companies in the marketplace claim they offer customized programs, yet they really only add your logo to the workbook and call it a day.

Our process goes beyond that. Not only do we customize our IMPACT Selling model to your environment by incorporating your language, marketplace realities, case studies and unique organizational goals; we also work with you to customize the training and coaching methodology to ensure we make a lasting difference in your team.

Sales Training That’s Customized for Each Attendee

Each and every one of us is unique, which is why for over 30 years we’ve incorporated assessments into our sales training programs. In doing so, we give each attendee the chance to learn more about their unique personality, their characteristics, tendencies, strengths, and weaknesses.

How We Operationalize Your Sales Culture Shift

Each and every customized sales training initiative we deliver doesn’t stop at classroom curriculum.

We work with you to determine:

  • How to most effectively introduce your sales training initiative to your team
  • The best way to deliver your programs (classroom, virtual, mixed)
  • Who to involve in the customization
  • The right way to coach and reinforce
  • When and how to train sales managers on how to coach their salespeople
  • What your long-term learning tracks should look like
  • What reporting mechanisms to build into your program to ensure ROI

Let’s talk about your
sales effectiveness goals

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Taste Testing The Brooks Group’s Sales Training Course

Corporate sales training is an investment. If your growth is constrained by a limited ability to grow top line revenue, widening that constraint/bottleneck with a more effective sales effort is the wisest investment you could make.

But for the same reason, choosing the right sales training course can be nerve-racking, since bad training is often worse than no training at all. It may sound funny, but it’s true. You want to taste test the sales training course before you commit to purchasing the whole jug and passing it out to your troops at a corporate sales training seminar. And we want you to do the same thing before committing to an implementation of our customized sales training and content.

You’ll be able to connect the dots yourself between your sales challenges and what and how we teach.

Furthermore, we use the IMPACT Selling® System when we deal with our prospective customers. The professional, non-manipulative way we’ll work with you will give you a preview of the way your salespeople will operate following your corporate sales training program.

Planning the Deployment and Cementing Our Relationship

If you like what you tasted, your Director of Sales will move forward with you in planning the deployment, and finalizing our client relationship. You’ll probably be surprised at just how focused we are in planning and tracking your success; how long-term implementation is detailed just as intensely as the initial training.

And that will be the start of many signs that you picked the right sales training for your team.

Start eliminating your revenue bottleneck by contacting your Director of Sales today.