A Built-In Insurance Policy For

Any Sales Effectiveness Initiative

There are three simple and fundamental truths when it comes to delivering effective sales training for enterprise-level sales teams.

None of it is rocket science, but taken together these fundamental dynamics determine your success or failure at changing your sales culture and making lasting improvements in sales performance:

  • There is no substitute for public and ongoing executive-level sponsorship of the sales training initiative. Either you provide this or the initiative is a waste.
  • Front end planning for long-term sustainability of the training makes the difference between results that last and results that never show up in the first place. Most, if not all, of the all newly acquired sales skills are lost without reinforcement from both the trainer and coaching by the sales manager.
  • Training that makes intuitive sense to the sales professional is the only kind of training that works. Either training matches up with and offers solutions to both seasoned and rookie salespeople’s experienced reality, or it won’t be used. Period.

Our Discover Phase is designed to align effective sales training with these fundamental truths as they are enacted within your organization.

And we insist on a full uncovery – not just a phone interview, but an actual-fly-to-you and do ride-alongs and in-person interviews, personal assessments, diagnostic surveys and more – simply because it’s not worth your money or time to attempt serious enterprise-level, B2B sales training without it.

So we fly to you in order to understand your executive goals, your organizational learning and hiring reality and your on-the-ground sales reality.

Sometimes the Discover Phase results are as head-slapping as reporting that the mission the sales team believes they have isn’t the same mission that corporate is expecting them to perform. Sometimes it’s as subtle as showing the client how their hiring practices have all-but ensured they attract and hire salespeople who stand no chance of succeeding in their selling environment. Either way, there are always surprise insights, and it’s one of the reasons we deliver our Discover Phase Findings both in-person and in an executive-level written report.

But the real purpose of the Discover Phase is to design effective sales training for your specific company, culture and sales reality, so that the training will actually work when implemented.

Is it any wonder that most training doesn’t work? How could it when 99% of sales training isn’t preceded by any kind of discovery or diagnostic?

How The Discover Phase WorksEffective Sales Training

First we fly to you and spend time actually driving around with and going on sales calls with your on-the-ground sales force. We interview and talk with your sales managers, sales directors and VPs, all the way up. The majority of this time is spent looking at both sales performance and sales management practices and ways to deliver effective sales training.

Up to 64 hours is spent researching the sales reality as understood by your sales team.

During this same time, members of The Brooks Group’s team also interview your HR and/or your Organizational Learning departments (if applicable) to understand your hiring and training processes, as well as the current interface and working relationship with sales.

Finally, we interview your C-suite team to understand the strategic goals for the organization and how sales will need to support and execute on those plans.

  • Total On-The-Ground Research Time: Up to 64 hours over the course of 4-6 weeks (depending on depth of engagement)
  • Diagnostic Tools Used: Sales Force Alignment Audit™, TriMetrix® Assessments, TriMetrix Benchmark Report and Observational Reporting.
  • Reported Analytics and Metrics:

And this just represents the Discover Phase we do inside your company. We also do a preliminary job of researching your competition and your overall competitive landscape.


From the final go-ahead given by the client until the delivery of the Final Report and Results usually takes 6-12 weeks. We normally plan the on-site interviews, ride-alongs and research at your convenience, giving you plenty of time to do “business as usual” while we capture the data we need to provide you with sales force optimization recommendations.


Depending on the size of your sales force, number of locations required for the survey, availability of your key people, and several other factors, the price for The Brooks Group’s Discover Phase runs in the low 4-figures into the high 5-figures or more, depending on the size of your sales organizations and depth of analysis.

The Discover Phase Report is designed to serve as a stand alone product, with insights and recommendations capable of being acted on and implemented by your in-house organizational and learning teams or another outside training company. Should you decide to engage The Brooks Group to provide your team with sales effectiveness training, great! If not, you’ll understand your strengths, weaknesses and opportunity areas.

Discussing The Brooks Group’s Discover Phase Engagement

To discuss how to receive a complimentary Sales Force Alignment Audit, or to understand how our Discover Phase may be applied to your sales organization, please complete the form above to request information from The Brooks Group.