IMPACT Sales Team Training: The Foundation For Sales Culture Shift

In addition to increasing sales revenue, our best-in-class IMPACT method of sales team training brings 3 major benefits to the table:

  1. Clarity of goals all the way from the tactical to strategic level
  2. Improved communication between sales management and sales professionals
  3. Vastly superior prediction accuracy of sales revenue for sales directors

Here’s how and why IMPACT delivers the best-in-class on each of these:

The IMPACT Sales Process

The IMPACT Selling sales process is powerful in that it allows the salesperson to match the pace at which the buyer needs to move through the buying process, yet allows the seller to retain control of the sale. IMPACT lays out a sequential, step-by-step sales process that covers the entire sales cycle from prospecting to customer retention.  We cover in great depth the very areas that other sales training programs ignore – things like:

  • Developing an improved lead generation system,
  • Disqualifying weak leads, preparing and positioning yourself for the sales call,
  • Selling against low-priced competitors,
  • And post-sale follow-up.

But more importantly, we break down the strategic milestones into tactical triggers – the minute-to-minute positioning challenges and “pre-objection address-and-dismiss” tactics that your most successful salespeople intuitively know, but probably can’t describe.

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We know how to subtly glean this information from your sales superstars and then use it to customize your very own IMPACT sales process to best break these sales moves down for your entire sales team to understand and incorporate.

This brings tremendous clarity to your entire sales team.  Whatever “hit or miss” or frustrating mid-sale stalling elements they may currently experience will pretty much evaporate once your sales team can SEE exactly what needs to happen at every moment of the sales process and KNOW the best ways to make it happen and bring the sale to a quick close.

Most sales training brags about increasing close rates – and IMPACT certainly does that – but often the true test of effective sales training comes in decreasing sales cycles, and that’s where IMPACT truly excels. See for yourself why it is consider the best sales training program.

IMPACT sales training provides a “Common Language” for your entire sales team.

When your sales team has total clarity and agreement on a successful sales process, and also has exact specific terms for every “beat” of that sales process, then communicating about any given prospect becomes much more exact and nearly effortless.

Instead of “we had a meeting, it seemed to go well, and we’re working on scheduling a follow-up,” you’re sales managers can hear about exactly how the prospect was qualified, how the sales professional positioned himself going into the meeting, what research was done, which sales triggers where hit during the meeting, and so on.

As you probably suspect, this kind of common language makes internal, on-the-job training and coaching about 3x more effective. It also allows the manager to provide additional resources and help to those prospects and sales professionals who need it, helping to shepherd weaker sales efforts through to completion.

Finally, in a complex sale, the common language that IMPACT sales training teaches helps the sales professionals to know exactly which points are crucial for the sale.

IMPACT Improves Sales Predictions. Part of this is a natural consequence of the common-language and improved communication.  When sales managers have a better understanding of how each sale is going, they can make better-informed predictions.  But a much bigger component is the improved lead generation, improved lead quality, reduced sales cycle time, and improved performance from “middle of the pack” sales professionals.

When your average sales professional performs more like your superstar, you get a more uniform sales revenue.  When the sales cycle is faster, it becomes easier to predict outcomes.  And when lead quality improves, sales success becomes far more constant.  All of this leads to increasingly accurate – and increasingly positive – forecasting.