100% Effective Online Sales Training…
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Online Sales TrainingEnjoy the benefits of live sales and sales management training without costly travel or missing valuable time from the field with our IMPACT Virtual Sales Training™.

The Brooks Group’s online sales training capabilities ensure we’re fully equipped with tools to deliver the most comprehensive training and reinforcement programs available.

What Makes Online Sales Training Different?

Our IMPACT online sales training courses provide sales professionals the opportunity to receive live, fully interactive training in a structured environment – all from the comfort of your own desk.

The Brooks Group’s virtual sales training method offers all the interactivity of a traditional classroom — without having to go to the expense of a live training program.

With online sales training courses, you can:

Network — talk to our facilitators live, host “face-to-face” meetings with members of your workgroup or sales team regardless of their location, share ideas and materials.

Reinforce — Each virtual program includes our proven IMPACT Selling® and IMPACT Sales Coaching™ to help salespeople and their managers direct their progress and objectively measure their success. Additionally, our fully stocked virtual library and media resources centers offer around-the-clock access to audios, videos and downloads to help maximize skill retention.

Online sales training presents a cost- and time-effective training solution for all sales organizations, especially those with large or geographically dispersed sales forces.