Closing the Sale Starts with a Qualified Lead


The most common sales prospecting tool rarely brings in qualified leads; it brings in people willing to listen to a sales presentation. So when it comes to closing the sale and it’s time to sign on the dotted line, the sale stalls because your prospect was never qualified to actually buy in the first place – they were simply willing to listen!

And the qualified prospects you luck into mentally place you in the weaker position, simply from the fact that you called them to “push”your services. Expect to get beaten up on your price.

Pull Prospecting Puts You in Control and Brings in Fully Qualified Leads

Pull prospecting changes three crucial dynamics of your sale:

  1. The prospect comes to you, the recognized expert, putting you in the power position.
  2. Your sales prospecting efforts spread across multiple techniques, so you’re not stuck just banging on phones or doors. More sales prospecting techniques means more stability in your sales cycle.
  3. Prospecting efforts become cumulative, so what you did today continues to pay dividends and bring in prospects next month, next year, etc.

Imagine bringing in twice as many qualified leads next year simply because you’re building on what you did this year. Now imagine all those leads being authorized to buy and preferring – really desiring – to do business with you personally. Nothing will make closing the sale easier, bring more control and freedom to your business or career than that!

Now you understand why IMPACT Selling® starts with pull prospecting, and why implementing a sales system is the key to transforming your own and your sales team’s success rate.

Herd Your Sales Cats?

The fact is salespeople are easy to manage, but only during the small fraction of their time that they’re in front of a qualified prospect and selling. Where the wild ride begins is in “going out to get the sale.” A systematic approach for sales prospecting combined with a linked, step-by-step game plan for selling and closing the sale will make your sales force manageable for 95% of the time, instead of 5% of the time.

The All-important Gap Between First Contact and First Meeting

A fully qualified lead calls and you set an appointment. What do you (or your salespeople) do?

Smart salespeople research the prospect/sale. But even a lot of smart salespeople don’t know the four most crucial things to research.  We’ll show you how to use that research to practically ensure the sale within the first 2-3 minutes of the sales call by reconfirming your prospect’s initial desire during the first meeting – a technique that has (surprisingly) nothing to do with needs-based selling!

These are techniques that are adaptable and universal enough to work in every industry we’ve applied them to (over 500 industries), and we’ve got plenty of case studies for those who want to know the details.

The Downside to Pull Prospecting: It’s Harder Than Just Cold Calling

Pull prospecting isn’t harder in that it’s more work, but that it requires more planning, thought, and consistency. But we’ll provide you and your team a step-by-step implementation system that allows any motivated salesperson to win big at pull prospecting.

And in return for that extra effort, you’ll pack your sales pipeline with qualified leads, harvest more sales and be always closing the sale at higher margins. We – and everyone we ever taught the process – think it’s worth it. Contact us and see for yourself. Put pull prospecting to the test.

Getting Started and Working With The Brooks Group.

There’s a world of difference between sales theory and a street-smart approach that gets results. If you’re smart enough to know that the implementation know-how behind the system is worth as much as the content, you’ll want to give us a call so we can go over your situation and see if you’d like to schedule a more formal presentation or meeting.

You want training that speaks to your sales team in their language about what really matters to them when the rubber hits the road – anything else just won’t stick. That’s why all of our trainers are also current, on-the-streets salespeople as well.

It’s also why we’ll be happy to plan out a deployment road map for you so you can know what to expect if you bring us on board for sales training.