Feedback from Our Clients

At The Brooks Group, we have a tradition of hanging letters and sales success stories from our clients on the walls.  With over 35 successful years in the sales and sales management training business, we’ve just about run out of wall space.  But we keep on hanging them as an ever-present reminder of how important our work is to clients:

“We’re talking about people’s businesses – people’s livelihood… What we do each day transforms businesses and changes people’s lives.”

Bill Brooks

IMPACT Selling® Training Testimonials

Your sales training course is the best I have ever seen!  There are few sales training courses that offer as good a ‘Take Away’ for the novice and the seasoned salesperson like IMPACT sales training. The courses provide an excellent view of selling as a process.  The simple IMPACT step-by-step procedure is easy to remember, making it easy to use.  IMPACT has shown me and many others how to get the best customer audience quickly and for the long haul.”

Frank A. Bio
Marketing Manager
Truck and Vocational Marketing
Volvo Trucks North America, Inc.

I suspect their success in the development, training and implementation of their system, IMPACT Selling, is the fact that all of their associates have extensive experience in sales.  Your representative at The Brooks Group uses the IMPACT System.  Why does it work?  Because it is easy and focuses on the personality style of the prospect no matter what level the sales is being made. The IMPACT Selling System is the best system I have seen in 15 years!


You may say, sounds great, but a lot is forgotten after training.  How do I get my employees to continue to use the system and tools?  No problem, The Brooks Group is armed with an arsenal of reinforcement material addressing recurrent selling problems.  Your business becomes their business.  They are successful and will make your business successful.  I am truly a customer advocate of The Brooks Group; my partner in building a successful business.”


Kathy S. Roberts
Vice President of Operations
People Unlimited, Inc.

The entire team walked away excited to use their new tools and principles immediately.  To sum it up, the light bulb has tuned on and the team “gets it.”  You introduced paradigm-shifting concepts:


  • You were able to get across high-level principles that I have been previously unsuccessful in trying to get through.
  • The Admissions managers were able to walk away with a clear process that they understood and were excited to enact.
  • They immediately used specific questions and techniques from the program.
  • Individuals have a clear vision of the work they need to do to get results.

When it comes to practical training that works, The Brooks Group has nailed it.  This was a very worthwhile investment.  I look forward to having you back in the future.


Curt Wang
E.V.P. Marketing and Admissions
Lake Forest Graduate School of Management

Follow-Up and Reinforcement Programs

Without follow-up and drill in the field, companies find it difficult change behavior and all but impossible to implement a selling system. Often its clients who’ve tried training without reinforcement who offer the most praise for our follow-up and reinforcement programs:

In our search for a sales training provider, we reviewed a number of companies.  What separated The Brooks Group from other organizations was simple: your unparalleled 12-week follow-up reinforcement program.


In the past, we’ve been disappointed in the return on our sales training investments because they never really “moved the needle.”  What we learned for our experience is that the 12-week IMPACT Coaching program is the critical piece that solidified the concepts, principles and ideas from IMPACT in the minds of our sales team.  In addition, it helped the sales management team drive the sales process throughout the organization.”


Rick Albin
Sales Manager
Zeigler Inc.

I can attribute an estimated $200,000 in additional revenue for my company since we began the IMPACT process.  In the past we have attended sales training programs or seminars and after a few days the initial enthusiasm wears off and nothing really changes in the field.  However, with your personal coaching over the past 12 weeks these new habits have become a part of their daily selling behavior.  My salespeople now have a structured sales process that’s put them more in control of each selling situation and as a result has given them increased self-confidence with measurable results.


The IMPACT training and Sales Coaching program is now the cornerstone or our company’s sales training.  Thanks for your help and look forward to years of continuous training.”


Peter C. Foy
Peter C. Foy & Associates

What Do Salespeople Say About Their Training Experience with The Brooks Group?

At first, I was apprehensive about another selling program.  I came away from that class excited and ready to go.  IMPACT is like no other selling program I have ever been introduced to.  I not only learned about different techniques, I learned about myself.


I started implementing the IMPACT strategies as soon as I returned to my marketplace.  I cannot tell you how comfortable and confident I feel upon entering a marketing meeting with my customer.  I owe this confidence to you.  I am better prepared and I am not fearful of selling.  I believe understanding who I am has better prepared me for how I am viewed by my customers.  I cannot thank you enough.”


Laurie St. Pierre
Senior Case Manager
HCR ManorCare

I am writing you to tell you I made my first sales call yesterday using IMPACT Selling… I had so much fun.  I so loved it… I felt I was in control of the conversation, I knew where I was going and I knew when to stop.  I told my client I was going to put together a proposal for him and he said to bring a credit application.  I know all of the sales calls will not be this easy, but IMPACT Selling will make all the difference in our sales calls.  Thanks for all of your help, you guys were awesome.”


Jann Kogianes
Nationwide Auto Glass

How to Sell at Margins Higher than Your Competitors

Our “How to Sell at Margins Higher than Your Competitor’s” curriculum is a no-nonsense program that gets at the heart of value selling. The results are often dramatic:

Our proposal included a price 20% higher than the competitive product.  The Plant Manager was unhappy with our quote.  Utilizing the skill we learned at IMPACT training we continued to value sell at all levels of our organization (he called all the way to President/CEO).


We are now supplying this business (at the 20% higher price) valued in excess of $1,000,000 annually. The President/CEO of our organization was a supporter of our The Brooks Group/IMPACT initiative.  After witnessing this success first hand and feeling the power of controlling the negotiation, he is now a disciple.”


Mike Merkel
V.P. Commercial Products
Red Spot Paint

I am sending this note to update you on our progress since our session ‘How to Sell at Margins Higher than Your Competitors.’  Our sales team left the Houston session with a high-level of enthusiasm regarding the ongoing battle for rate.  My own feelings were a mix of optimism and caution.  The caution was primarily driven by my concern that any improvement would be temporary.


Fortunately, everybody got on board and completed the required follow-up.  As a result, Satellite has experienced real and measurable gains that will impact this year and hopefully by all indications, next year as well.  We are projecting to surpass our total budget by 25%.  Pure rate improvement represents 85% of the positive variance for the entire year.  This improvement has been across the board with 80% of our sales team exceeding rate goals that had been raised significantly from the previous year.”


James Marty Mullaney
Satellite Inc.

Contact us to learn more about how your team can benefit from this curriculum.

The TriMetrix® Assessment System

The TriMetrix assessment system is uniquely designed to predict workplace performance – with a particular application for predicting success in sales.  TriMetrix has proven to be a powerful weapon against sales turnover for countless clients:

We are an independent staffing firm that was seeking to find a solution to our hiring difficulties and high turnover rate.  By using The Brooks Group’s personality profiling system, we have not only reduced our turnover and hiring problems, but have a fantastic tool to manage our staff to their best potential.”


Kathy S. Roberts

Vice President of Operations
People Unlimited, Inc.

The Brooks Group has done an excellent job of learning the culture of our business and helping us hire only people who fit our business culture.  So far, we’ve benchmarked 3 positions and assessed over 200 people.  Using TriMetrix has helped VACO make excellent hiring decisions and avoid costly hiring mistakes.  The turnover rate on our sales force is less than 5%.  I highly recommend The Brooks Group and TriMetrix for successful hiring.”


David R. Rhode, CPA
VACO, LLC / Partner

We all know that the negative ramifications of making a poor hiring decision far surpass the expenses associated with just that salesperson.  They are far reaching into the entire sales team, lost potential sales, lost goodwill from customers, etc.  That’s why we have made taking The Brooks Group’s TriMetrix sales assessment and subsequent review of those results with you an integral part of our hiring process for all of our potential salespeople.  I would highly recommend the same process to anyone hiring a salesperson.”


Thomas B. Madden
General Manager
Ryerson Tull – Milwaukee

The TriMetrix Job Benchmark

The TriMetrix benchmark measures the job before measuring candidates.  This unique benchmarking process puts clients back in control of the hiring process by giving them the ability to identify candidates with the right characteristics for success.

We are several months into our utilization of The Brooks Group’s benchmark system for our Outside Sales, Inside Sales, and Management positions.  We are extremely pleased with the results we see and feel confident that we are making better hiring decisions, as well as improving our coaching of current associates.  I would like to expand our program now to a couple of other positions.  I have tried using a different provider for the Service Techs but have not been happy with the results.”


Vicki L. Kilbourne, SPHR
Human Resources Manager
Ohio Transmission Corporation

I just wanted to give you some feedback about the TriMetrix benchmark survey that we began using earlier this year.  What a difference this has made in our recruiting efforts!  We used to expend a huge amount of time and effort into pre-screening candidates for our organization, with little success.  We had about a 50% success rate for hiring and retaining staff in our organization.  We knew we needed to overhaul our recruiting process if we were going to be able to continue our company’s growth.


The benchmark that we created for our ideal candidate has been a lifesaver in terms of weeding out inappropriate candidates prior to the interview.  We even tested the benchmark by having two of our most successful employees take the survey.  They tested as ideal EMA candidates, and the descriptions that were provided were as though you were describing them to me.  That validated the survey and we have used it religiously ever since.”


Nancy J. Solmowitz
Executive Management Associates, Inc.