Close The Sale Before the First Meeting With IMPACT Selling®

impact-openMost sales seminars and sales training courses assume that you’re already in front of a qualified prospect, and then teaches various ways to push the prospect to “close.” As a result, most salespeople struggle with constant days of endless cold calls that go nowhere… days filled with prospects who won’t commit… and customers who seem determined to drive down your prices…

The IMPACT Selling Seminar Ends the Struggle by Showing You How to:

  • Get in front of more qualified prospects
  • Always know your next action and your overall roadmap
  • Ensure a much higher chance of closure at the beginning of the sales process!

IMPACT Selling System Public Sales Seminars:

Throughout our sales training courses, you will work with one of The Brooks Group’s IMPACT certified professional trainers. They are all expert salespeople and facilitators who teach and lead from successful experience.

Sales Seminars Locations:
Proximity Hotel
704 Green Valley Road
Greensboro, NC 27408

O.Henry Hotel
624 Green Valley Road
Greensboro, NC 27408

Hyatt Regency Phoenix
122 North Second Street
Phoenix, AZ 85004

Meals and Accommodations:
Catered lunch provided each day; continental breakfast and coffee served each morning
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$1,250 (limit 4 attendees per company)

If by 3:00 pm on the first day you do not believe the training has been valuable enough to justify your investment, please simply tell your facilitator or any member of our staff. We’ll refund the full enrollment fee for the program. No questions, no hassles, no kidding.
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Next Seminar Dates:

August 18-19, 2015  SOLD OUT!

September 1–2, 2015 (Greensboro, NC: O.Henry Hotel)
October 20–21, 2015 (Phoenix, AZ: Hyatt Regency Phoenix)
November 10–11, 2015 (Greensboro, NC: Proximity Hotel)

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With The IMPACT Selling System, you can learn to lay the essential groundwork early in the sale, so your prospect is confident and comfortable enough to make a purchasing decision. The result is a “friction-free” sale that satisfies your customer’s needs and wants.

Attend the sales seminar and Implement IMPACT Selling as Soon as You Return to Work

No overblown sales theory or elaborate sales pitch to buy something else from us. Just 100% street smart and sales-proven techniques that you can use on the very day you return to work. In fact, if you’re not completely blown away with what you’ve learned in the first half-day of our sales training courses, you can leave at any time before 3:00 pm and get 100% of your money back.

That’s the best guarantee in the business. Nobody understands sales like The Brooks Group, and nobody has better content or better sales seminars.

In Just Two Intensive Days You’ll Learn:

  • A system that transforms the sales process into a predictable path you can manage, measure and easily follow. You’ll finally be able to move customers from one step to the next to dramatically shorten your sales cycle without pressure or resistance.
  • How to steadily pack your sales pipeline with qualified leads using Pull Prospecting – Pull Prospecting requires more commitment, work and expertise than mindlessly “banging on the phone” all day. But it WILL position you in front of people who have the need, interest, ability and authority to buy your product.
  • 7 ways to diversify your prospecting strategy so you can effectively target each segment of your market without the frustration of cold-calling.
  • 3 simple how-to’s for presenting price that will increase your margins and your income – some of the most common mistakes in selling practically guarantee the customer will “beat you up” on price. Eliminate them, and you’ll start selling more and routinely selling more at full (or greatly increased) margin.
  • The crucial difference between needs-based and wants-based selling research shows salespeople at the top five percent of the income scale focus as much on their customer’s unspoken wants as on their stated needs. We’ll show you proven, wants-based sales techniques designed to lock in long-term loyalty to the sales relationship.
  • How to “read” your prospects’ buying preferences to sell exactly how they want to buy – no ivory-tower stuff…just easily remembered and applied concepts, techniques and principles for reading prospects’ decision-making styles and buying preferences. This will open your eyes to a whole new way to adapt your sales presentations on-the-fly for maximum performance.

Attending The IMPACT Selling Seminar

The IMPACT Selling Seminar is NOT an “up-sell” opportunity for us to sell you our other products or services. It is a practical course designed to help you implement the IMPACT Selling System to increase your success rate. The seminar is packed with exercises that will help you apply what you’re learning to your own prospects and customers. You’ll take home a workbook with each slide and exercise so you can capture this valuable information on paper.

We limit the number of seats, so you’ll have ample time to ask industry-specific questions, and discuss your personal sales challenges with your trainer. This seminar will ignite your passion for selling and you’ll master a selling system that works…AND, in turn, you’ll conquer any fears, doubts and uncertainties you may have had about selling.