What Habits Are Your Salespeople Going to Fall Back on?

reinforcementAny sales system worth using will profoundly alter how your sales team looks at and understands selling. But your sales team won’t systematically apply these insights and techniques without coaching and reinforcement.

It’s no different than expecting people to radically alter their long-term eating and exercise habits with nothing more than a book.  It takes more than knowledge – more than a one time event.

9 Weeks of Reinforcement and Daily, In-The-Field Application

The Brooks Group Sales Coach acts as your team members’ personal trainer for 9 weeks following their initial training.  Weekly assignments apply IMPACT Selling® techniques to their current prospecting and sales activities, and weekly follow-up coaching calls simultaneously providing feedback, accountability, and reinforcement.

This in-the-field coaching connects the “how to” of actually implementing techniques and tactics with the “why to” of developing a fingertip-feel for how each step of the IMPACT sales process drives the success of the sale. And it’s making these connections that powers sales success.

Sales Management Training: Hardwiring IMPACT Selling into Your Culture

Imagine one of your sales professionals talking to his manager about a prospective sale following a first meeting.

Instead of the usual vague, confusing questions and answers, the manager is able to ask  him:

  • Was this a pull or a push prospect, and did they meet all five qualifications?
  • What kind of research did you conduct before the meeting?
  • Did you figure the underlying wants (as well as the needs)?  Did you address them?
  • What was the transition like in setting up you next meeting/presentation?

With all of these questions framed by the IMPACT Selling Process and its specific techniques, is there any chance that sales professionals won’t achieve a disciplined application of the system?  Or that the sales manager won’t have clear insight into the state of the sale?

Are you beginning to see why you need a sales system?

And what if that were the sales professionals peers asking the questions?  What if there was a team competition, with prize money involved?

Our experience is that implementation is always a success under these circumstances – and we’ve had considerable experience in successfully transforming sales teams.  So these are exactly the circumstances we create with our clients: 9 weeks of reinforced coaching, training for the sales managers, and incentivized competition amongst the “troops”

85% of Clients Who Engage Us for Six Months Go on to Partner with Us for 8 or More Years.

Why? Implementation.

Partnering with us means your salespeople fall back on a proven, tested sales process and not their old habits.  We know because holding our training accountable is part of what defines The Brooks Group.  Through our metrics tracking software we can objectively share the following return on implementation measurements:

3 months after their onsite training event with The Brooks Group, clients’ sales professionals in these follow-up programs reported:

98% say they are using the IMPACT Selling System in their regular day-to-day sales activity
96% say they are better positioned with clients and customers

Additional averaged results reported within the 6-month time-frame included:

82% present price more confidently
87% say their questioning skills have improved as a result of their IMPACT Selling training
100% say that more consistent pre-call planning has had a positive effect on their sales call
98% say their IMPACT training has helped improve their effectiveness when interacting with clients and prospects

At the end of 6 months following an onsite training event with The Brooks Group…

96% of the sales professionals say they are able to do a good or excellent job of getting prospects to answer questions openly and honestly
100% say the IMPACT Selling System has helped them make tailored recommendations that effectively target prospects’ wants and needs