Event-Based Sales Training Is Dead — At Least It Should Be

The Brooks Group taught the Kerr Corporation how to transform their sales culture — and bottom line. Watch this video to see how.


The 12 Universal Sales Truths

Is there any one single best way to sell a product or service? There are definitely best practices, and there are also a number of effective approaches. Whatever sales methodology you use (you should be using IMPACT - learn why), the following universal sales truths are sure to cement the sales process together. The 12…
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The Brooks Group’s customized sales training programs have been forged on the anvil of over 35 years of real-world experience. We don’t overcomplicate the sales process with high-drift theory and overly complex models. Instead, our sales training programs will arm your salespeople with commonsense selling skills taught in a way that will guarantee you a return on your investment.
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The success or failure of your sales team (AND any sales training initiative) is ultimately in the hands of your sales management team. Our sales management training programs are geared toward providing sales managers with the sales coaching skills they’ll need to get measurable improvement from your team. Successful sales management is a skill that when practiced correctly, becomes an art. Learn how.
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Identify top-performing salespeople and sales managers before you make the hire. Hiring managers responsible for sales recruitment are consistently amazed at how predictive these tools really are. By leveraging The Brooks Group’s sales assessments as part of your selection process, you’ll virtually eliminate sales turnover and realize faster new sales hire time-to-productivity.
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