B2B Sales Training That Works

needtraining2Bottom line: 92% of our clients increase ROI by at least 60% within 6 months!

How? There are three hurdles to successful sales training:

  1. Getting it to stick,
  2. Getting past traditional stumbling blocks,
  3. Going beyond rational needs to emotional wants.

Talented sales professionals can take normal consultative sales training, apply it, leap past the stumbling blocks, and fill in the emotional gaps.  But most organizations benefit the most when sales training turns mid-level performers into stars.

And that’s how IMPACT Sales training achieves ROI results.  We teach what comes naturally to talented, star sellers to your entire team of sales pros.  Specifically, they’ll learn how to:

  1. Both target and attract the right people with pull prospecting.
  2. Specific ways to research and prepare for the sales meeting to focus on underlying wants.
  3. Subtly and effectively address the emotional subtexts and secondary conversations that can make or break a complex sale.
  4. How to identify and tailor persuasive strategies to a prospect’s decision-making style.
  5. How to move prospects forward to the next stage of the sale so that accelerating and closing the sale feels frictionless to both the prospect and sales professional.
  6. What questions to ask at each way-point in the sale, and how to phrase questions diplomatically while retaining full persuasive power.

And we offer you customized sales training so that it’s easy to apply and easy to reinforce with our included follow-up sales training programs.

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Real-Life Reinforcement Drives Improvement

Lots of sales training programs make it sound like you can “send ‘em in” for a few days of training and see sales results skyrocket – but that’s not how learning happens in the real world.

At The Brooks Group, we’ve developed reinforcement sales training programs that make learning long-term and concrete:

  • Ongoing coaching that helps your team apply what they’ve learned
  • Built in accountability and assessment procedures
  • Electronically delivered follow-up resources targeted to each person’s stumbling blocks
  • The ability to conduct training virtually through a variety of distance and e-learning options

This kind of follow-up turns the IMPACT Selling® System into a tangible tool for winning the sale. It’s the experience of successfully using the system that makes learning it stick.

Our focus on training implementation and application drives our industry-leading client success rate: 92% of our clients increase ROI by at least 60% within 6 months!

Real-world Sales Training Programs Delivered by Real Sales Professionals

It’s cheaper to hire a training specialist to deliver sales training content – successful salespeople earn a lot more by the very nature of the skills and success – but the training suffers.

Trainers stick to the syllabus and repeat their memorized mantras. Real sales pros make the skills, techniques applicable because they’ve been there and done that and know what it takes to deliver the sale when working with a “live” prospect.

We use 100% working sales professionals for all of our sales training programs – see them in action and you’ll instantly realize the level of customized sales training they deliver: the kind of training that their fellow sales colleagues would willingly pay their own money to attend. Stuff that generates real ROI and real results and real increases in sales commission in a matter of months.

And that’s not just sales hype – we 100% guarantee client satisfaction at every one of our open training courses, whether it’s for our IMPACT Sales Seminar or for our Sales Management Symposium.

Having experienced several of the major sales training programs over the past 25 years of sales and sales management, The IMPACT Selling® process is by far the best. It is a simple, yet incredibly effective, process that provides a framework for every sales call regardless of your market. Working with the team from The Brooks Group has increased the performance of an already strong sales team and made us significantly more productive than we were before the training.


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Need to Train a Large, Geographically Dispersed Sales Force?

If you need the flexibility to conduct your own sales training program on demand, we can license the IMPACT Selling System so it’s delivered by your internal training team. Many of our competitors can’t or won’t license their content because underneath all the proprietary jargon, there’s not much substantive material to teach. Further, their legal departments are concerned about “content integrity,” which translates into a complete lack of flexibility. IMPACT is a solid system for selling that works whether it’s taught by us or anyone else who’s trained to deliver it.

An IMPACT license agreement offers a cost-effective option if …

  • You have a sales team of 50 or more
  • You have an internal training team
  • You’d like to offer ongoing sales training programs
  • Your company is rapidly growing
  • You have fairly high turnover in your sales department

We’ll work with your corporate trainers and certify them to train your salespeople in the IMPACT methodology. And we’ll continue to support your internal training team after they’re certified.

With a license agreement you “own” the IMPACT Selling System, so you can train whenever and wherever you need to – that means less time out of the field and no outrageous per-head fees each time you train. Learn more about how you can license our intellectual property and infuse your internal training program with our street-smart sales expertise.

When the System Works, the Package Doesn’t Matter

The engine behind our training is always IMPACT Selling. You can stick that powerful engine into any chassis… the make, model and color simply don’t change the engine’s powerful performance.

Many clients have questions about how IMPACT will apply to their industry, their sales team… Because IMPACT focuses on the sales process itself – we can adapt the delivery format and the terminology to fit your organization. We can offer IMPACT to your organization in a customized sales training format. We offer Open Enrollment seminars, fully customized sales training, reinforcement and follow-up programs – even licensing agreements to deliver the IMPACT Selling System through your internal training team.