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Coaching for Sales Leaders

coaching for sales leaders

Everyone knows that front-line salespeople need to be coached. It’s an important part of nearly every sales manager’s responsibilities.

However, who’s coaching the coaches in your organization?

If your organization is like a lot of others, the answer is either “nobody” or “we’re not quite sure.”

Well, even coaches need coaching.

Why Top Sales Performers Would Want to Work for You

top sales performers

I can’t think of a single sales leader who has told me, “Yeah…when we have open sales positions, we’re definitely looking for average sales performers.” That’s ridiculous. Everyone is obviously after top sales talent.

In spite of that, so many companies fail to invest the energy in creating an environment that attracts and retains top sales performers.

The Sense of Entitlement Among High Achievers…and What to Do About It

entitlement high achiever

Ahh…the joys of top performers: They consistently crush their numbers. They come in with big wins when you need them most. They inspire your team. They’re hands-off.

If only they could all be like that. And much of the time, they are. Unfortunately, there are a few top producers who, despite their peak performance, also have another side: an unwelcome sense of entitlement.


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